This department handles

Commercial Dispute Management

In this line we endeavor to resolve the dispute as first line through mediation. The partner in charge is an accredited and qualified mediator with over 20 years professional practice in dispute resolution. The associates in this department are also required to undertake profession courses in mediation to develop and strengthen their dispute management skills.

In this area we endeavor to get involved immediately our client foresees a dispute in a commercial transaction. We advise on the most appropriate means of resolution. Where appropriate we engage in mediation as first line action which usually leads to faster resolution and subsequent retention of commercial relationships. If the dispute is not resolved we represent the client in Arbitrations and or the resultant litigation mostly in the High Court Commercial division and sometimes in the Magistrate court all through to the Court of Appeal.

Public Procurement

We advise Public entities on Public Procurement matters and propose the best procurement method for goods or services sought. Where appropriate we analyze their procurement process and assist them in developing Tenders and other Prequalification documents to comply with the law.

In the event that disputes arise we represent our clients both at Public Procurement and Appeals and Review Board (in case of Request for Reviews of Procuring Entity’s decisions) and in Public Procurement and Oversight Authority (for complaints).

General Litigation

This covers litigation arising out of other transactions not necessarily commercial in nature. The major ones we handle are:

  • Contractual and commercial disputes,
  • Company law and Management disputes
  • Employment and Labour law disputes
  • Construction and infrastructure development disputes
  • Land disputes,
  • Succession and Estate management disputes
  • Debt collection and recoveries.

Mr. Charles Njuguna is the partner in charge of this department who has over20 year’s professional practice in dispute resolution.

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